What Is A First Look?

What Is A First Look And Should You Do One?

A first look is a meeting between the bride, groom and the photographer before the ceremony. It is a fairly new tradition which was popularised in the states. The First look allows us to capture the reactions of the couple as they see each other for the first time, away from the bustle and attention of the rest of the wedding party.

5 Reasons You Should Do A First Look

1. Amazing images

A first look will provide you with some incredible images that will capture the moment and will make for an amazing feature in your album. A first look gives us so much more time to create incredible images of you and your family.

2. Nerves

It can be a very nerve-racking experience to stand in front of all your friends and family and see your loved one for the first time on your wedding day, so it might be preferable to see your partner in private where you can really enjoy the moment and calm those nerves! In our experience, a first look does not take away from the moment you see each other on the aisle. All of those emotions will still be there and will be completely real. If you look through every photograph we have taken of the couple seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle, it is impossible to tell who had a first look, and who did not!

3. Timing

In our experience, post-vow, cocktail hour photos have sometimes presented time difficulties. Without the first look, family and bridal party photos must happen after the ceremony, which can sometimes extend the cocktail hour. Depending on the season (especially in winter), this can make lighting a problem. Having the images taken before the ceremony means we can allot the appropriate amount of time for family photos, you also receive much more images than you normal would if you were opt out of a first look. Missed photos would usually happen as a result of running out of time, a first look stops this from being a potential problem.

4. Alone time

The first look allows you to enjoy the calm before the storm with your partner, where you can be in the moment together. Once the ceremony begins all eyes will be on the two of you and it can be hard to have any privacy, and it is your day after all.

5. Fresh 

This allows you time to freshen up after seeing each other for the first time, there will likely be tears and that means smudged mascara! having the first look before the ceremony lets you re-apply any make-up before walking down the aisle.

Why A First Look Might Not Be For You

The first look isn’t right for every couple. Be it superstition or love of tradition, there are many reasons this might not be for you, and that is absolutely fine, you have to make the right choice for you. some couples place great value on waiting for the ceremony to lay eyes upon one another. We’ve photographed the weddings of many couples for whom this is very important and we understand and respect their sentiments.

Don’t Forget The Parents!

We also love to do a first look with parents, even if the first look with your partner is not something that appeals to you. The first time your parents see you on your day should never be missed and we love capturing that moment.

Our Thoughts

We highly recommend a first look! We have never had a Bride or Groom express regret about their decision to have this special moment – while we have, on the other hand, read and heard of many stories of brides who wish they had.

If you want

Putting supposition aside, a first look is a no brainer! There’s much more reasons to have one than to not!

Please email us if you would like to discuss wether or not a first look is right for you.