The Top Secrets For Getting Great Wedding Photos In London

In 2016, 249,793 marriages took place in England and Wales. Now, the numbers should be around the same, which means chances are there are many other couples besides you and your fiance who are looking to get the perfect wedding pictures.

Hiring an exemplary photographer is just one part of the equation when it comes to that. If you’re planning on getting married soon, here are the top secrets for getting great wedding photos.

Get Used To Being In Photos

This one might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many couples look awkward when it comes to pictures, especially when it’s in a studio setting. You may be deeply in love with one another, but it may not appear so when he seems to awkwardly have his arm around you in the photos.

Before your photo shoot, try and get some pictures in together. Whether they’re selfies or photos taken by your friends, you can take a look at the resulting pictures and see what to improve on. It can also get you more comfortable in front of the camera so that your expressions don’t seem as forced.

These casual photo shoots can also give you some pictures to look back on when you’re taking a trip down Memory Lane. If you’re going on holiday, use it to practice your photo shoot skills.

Learn Flattering Poses

Not only should you get comfortable in front of a camera, but you should also learn your flattering angles. While neither of you are supermodels, you can still utilise a few of their tricks to look your best on your big day.

For example, you may not be overweight, but if you tend to pose with your chin to your neck, this can create a double chin and make you look heavier than you really are. It’s the same with your arms. If you hold them flat against your sides, it can make your arms look bigger.

Take a moment to research tips from models and practice them in the mirror. Snap some photos with your smartphone to play around with your poses and figure out the best ones for your body.

Have A Good Makeup Artist

Of course, a professional photographer can work their magic for photos, but there’s only so much they can do. If you have a terrible makeup artist (or have chosen to try it yourself with zero experience), it can cause you to look unnatural in your wedding pictures.

Whether you’re doing your own makeup or you’re hiring a professional, make sure to do it early on so you can get a few trials done before your wedding. While makeup artists can be terrific at what they do, their style may not be it for you. Just as every artist has their specialties, so do makeup artists.

For instance, some may be great at the heavy Instagram style that’s trending, but that may not translate well for your wedding. Pick a makeup artist that can play to your strengths and not have you look overdone.

Consider The Timing Of Your Wedding Photos

Think about the effects you want on your pictures and plan your photo shoot around them. For example, do you want a romantic and gorgeous sunset as the backdrop of your photos? Then make sure your ceremony doesn’t coincide with when the sun goes down.

You’ll also want to leave ample time to accommodate your photo shoot slot in your schedule. Weddings are notorious for being extremely busy, so naturally, things will start running behind schedule.

If you originally allocated 5:00 to 6:00 pm to be your photo shoot time, don’t be surprised if it’s closer to 6:00 pm when you get started. Depending on the time of the year, that may be too late to catch a sunset.

Be realistic about your times and think about setting aside more time than needed for the photo shoot. If you get done early, then you’ll get some time for a breather!

Try Engagement Photos First

If you have ample time before your wedding, try getting engagement photos from a photographer who you like first. This can benefit you in two ways.

First of all, you’ll have some engagement pictures to send out for your announcement. This way, your potential guests will know to expect invitations in the mail very soon.

Also, you can get a feel for how it is to work with a particular photographer. Doing an initial shoot with them will answer some important questions.

Do they live up to your expectations? Are they accommodating? Are the resulting photos as good as you envisioned them to be?

Think of your engagement photos as a test run. If you don’t end up with high-quality results, then you’ll want to think about hiring someone else for the big day. Of course, you won’t be able to really test them out (unless you want to do a second set of engagement photos), but at least you can release the initial photographer from your services.

Get Amazing Wedding Photos In London

The bottom line is if you want amazing wedding photos in London, you’ll need to book an excellent photographer. You might want to go cheap on this to allocate more money towards things like your reception and honeymoon, but this will show in the quality of photos you get afterwards.

These pictures will last a lifetime, so make sure you’re 100% happy with the results by hiring a decent photographer, even if it means going outside of your budget a little. It’ll be worth every penny when you have photos that pristinely represent the memories of your special day.

If you’re getting married soon and still are looking for a professional photographer, please get in touch with us now!