The 10 Best Wedding Venues In Oxfordshire, UK

You want to be sure that your wedding is as perfect as you’d always dreamed it would be.

After, of course, choosing your partner and the perfect wedding photographer, your wedding venue will be one of the most important choices you’ll make.

Your venue choice will serve as the backdrop for all of your wedding photos, which you’ll treasure for years to come.

In this post, we’ve collected the The 10 Best Wedding Venues In Oxfordshire, UK



Lains Barn table layout

Image Credit: Zaki Charles Photography

This is one of the most stunning venues possible for wedding photography in Oxfordshire.

Lains Barn is perfect for more intimate ceremonies, as it can accommodate up to 180 wedding guests.

Their fully-stocked bar is also already staffed, meaning you won’t have to add “find a bartender” to your wedding to-do list.

This venue is especially gorgeous, as most of the structures have been in place since the 18th century.

Lains Barn offers four areas for guests to congregate: the barn itself, the glass-front bar, the spacious outdoor courtyard, and the open-air covered wing.

You can choose to be married in the courtyard or in the barn itself – perfect for those who can’t wait to hop on the rustic, barn wedding trend.


Stone Barn wedding venue exterior

Image Credit: Stone Barn

Stone Barn is another ideal venue for wedding photography in Oxfordshire.

Especially if you’re interested in getting scenic, natural shots, this is a wonderful location for you.

It’s nestled deep in the heart of the Cotswolds countryside and is another option for those interested in a more rustic wedding theme.

It is known for its gorgeous fireplaces, beautiful stonework, and minimalist decor. No matter where you’re standing, breathtaking views of the country surround you.

You can choose to be married in the stone barn itself, or outside underneath a stunning oak structure.


The Great Barn Wedding Photography

Image Credit: The Great Barn

The Great Barn is another stunning place to capture the best wedding photography in Oxfordshire.

We especially love the romantic old wooden bridge above a peaceful stream for capturing the perfect photograph.

This venue spans over 250 acres and includes two stone barns from the late 18th century. There are also gorgeous lakes, fields, and enormous trees that make for beautiful photographs you’ll treasure.

Even better? Your guests can stay on the grounds, meaning you won’t have to worry about finding them hotels in the area.

Plus, the venue offers wedding planning services to make your day even easier.


Bodleian Library Oxford Table Layout

Image Credit: Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library is the perfect venue for those who want to celebrate the constant pursuit of knowledge.

It makes an incredible venue wedding photography in Oxfordshire, as well.

You can choose from three rooms: The Divinity School, with beautiful stonework and 15th-century design; the Convocation House, with high ceilings and 17th-century decor; and the Chancellor’s Court, with gorgeous stone floors and portraits.

If you met your love at University, there’s no better place to start the next chapter of your story than here.

Don’t miss out on taking a gorgeous photograph underneath the ornate stone arch door.


Oxford Town Hall Wedding Photography

Image Credit: Oxford Town Hall

Oxford Town Hall is a stunning wedding venue that’s perfect for history buffs.

If you’re having a larger wedding, this is an ideal spot, as it can hold up to 300 guests.

There are three different rooms, all with historic and ornate wood panelling. There are also several smaller rooms available if you’re only having a few guests.

We especially love the Assembly Room, which has a small balcony perfect for a bouquet toss. Plus, the stunning portraits lining the wall remind you of the building’s impressive history!


Kirtlington Park Professional Photography

Image Credit: Kirtlington Park

Kirtlington Park combines all the elegance of an 18th-century house in the country with a peaceful and romantic rural setting.

It is truly the best of both worlds.

The expansive, lush green grounds are the perfect backdrop for your post-ceremony photos, and the house itself has an elegant staircase leading up to the front door – perfect for pictures.


Eynsham Hall Waterfall

Image Credit: Eynsham Hall

For those looking for a stunning, historic building to serve as the backdrop for their wedding photographs, this venue is perfect.

The house is perfect for those who want to have a truly majestic party on a 3,000-acre estate.

The venue gives you the elegance of Downtown style but without, as the website says “the formality.”

Make sure to take advantage of the gardens when taking wedding photographs.


Pear Tree Meadow Marquee

Image Credit: Peartree Meadow

Pear Tree Meadow is one of the best places for wedding photography in Oxfordshire.

Especially if you’re interested in a marquee wedding, this is the perfect fit for you.

You can enjoy your day with up to 150 guests, and capture wonderful photographs of your guests playing garden games on the grounds.

There’s even a bar in the meadow itself, along with a variety of fruit trees and wild flowers.


Kingston Bagpuize House Wedding Photographer

Image Credit: Kingston Bagpuize House

This historic house is one of the best venues for wedding photography in Oxfordshire.

You can elect to get married inside the pavilion or in front of the red-brick Manor itself on the expansive lawn.

In the evening, the lawn is the perfect place to set up gorgeous tents to dance the night away.

Make sure you take a picture in front of the stunning, enormous trees with your bridal party and family members.


Blenheim Palace Wedding Table Setting

Image Credit: Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is a wonderful place for those seeking all the drama of a royal wedding!

In fact, it was the home of the 12th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.

With gorgeous hand-painted ceilings, stunning views of the countryside and several small Temples on the property, there is no shortage of things to photograph.

This is one of our favourite venues for wedding photography in Oxfordshire, and it’s perfect for those who love to make a grand statement.