9 Pretty Places In London For A Pre-Wedding Engagement Shoot

Did you know that nearly 250,000 people in the United Kingdom get married every year?

If you’re one of those lucky couples, it’s important to find the perfect way to share that exciting information with your friends and family. An engagement photoshoot can be a great way to let everyone know the big news.

In addition to sharing your engagement photos on social media and using them in your save-the-dates, photos from your engagement shoot will capture a moment in time that you will want to look back on over the years.

But where should you take your engagement photos? Check out these pretty places in London for some inspiration.

1. Big Ben And Parliament

Image Credit: Zaki Charles Photography

The view of the Big Ben clock tower and Parliament is possibly one of the most iconic sights in all of London. You can also get a great view of this site from Westminster Bridge. This makes it a great choice for a classic engagement photo.

That said, keep in mind that Big Ben is currently undergoing maintenance, so there may be some scaffolding covering the view from certain angles. If you want to see what the tower looks like on any given day, you can check this live webcam.

2. The London Eye

Image Credit: The London Eye

If you like the idea of Westminster Bridge, but don’t want Big Ben to be the backdrop, the London Eye is another great choice. It’s a nice feature that the roundness of the Eye complements the roundness of the engagement ring as well. 

You can also do a series of photos with the London Eye. Consider doing a few on the bridge with the Eye in the background, and then a few on the eye looking over the cityscape.

3. Tower Bridge

Image Credit: Visit London

Tower Bridge is a great choice for engagement photos. This is because, in addition to the beautiful structure, the area surrounding the bridge is also quite scenic.

There’s a great view of this bridge on some steps that lead you onto a lower bank of the Thames. From this site, you will be able to get the shoreline, water, and the bridge all in your pictures.

When preparing for your pictures at Tower Bridge, consider how you want your look to interact with the landscape. One of its most striking features are the bright blue support beams. Choosing a colour for you and your partner to wear that coordinates with this colour can add a great feature to the photos.

4. St. Paul’s Cathedral From The Millenium Bridge

Image Credit: Zaki Charles Photography

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a beautiful architectural landmark to feature in your engagement photos. From the ground, however, it can be difficult to get a shot that includes you, your partner, and a good view of the dome.

This is why the Millenium Bridge is a good place to get a picture featuring the cathedral. Additionally, the modernness of the bridge offers a nice contrast to the classic architecture of the cathedral. 

5. Richmond Park

Image Credit: Heather Buckley

If you want to focus more on the natural beauty you can find in London, Richmond Park is a great choice. Richmond Park is London’s largest park and features a variety of wildlife, lakes, and picnic spots. The park also looks great in any season, with different features to highlight in your photos at various times of the year.

6. Greenwich Park

Image Credit: Zaki Charles Photography

Greenwhich Park is another great option for a natural backdrop for your engagement photos. This location features a great variety of potential spots and is extremely versatile. If you and your partner are nature lovers, Greenwich will be the perfect place to make some lasting memories.

7. Kew Gardens

Image Credit: Gardeners World

Kew Gardens has one of the most diverse botanical gardens in the world. The garden features a variety of walkways, treetop bridges, and a large Pagoda, all held within a beautiful glass house. And at the Palm House, you can get a beautiful shot of plants in the backdrop with natural light shining through.

If you are having an outdoor or nature-themed wedding, Kew Gardens is a particularly good choice for your engagement shots. These pictures will help set the theme for your upcoming nuptials. 

And here’s a pro-tip: If you become a member at Kew Gardens, you can enter before it opens to other visitors. This way, you can have exclusive access with a great view of whatever features you want to focus on. 

8. The National Maritime Museum

Image Credit: Zaki Charles Photography

If you’re looking for a mix between an urban scene and nature, The National Maritime Museum be the right option for you. While you can’t actually photograph inside the museum, you can around the surrounding area.

Located next to Greenwich Park, the two are perfect to pair up together!

9. Pergola Hill And Gardens

Image Credit: heath and hampstead

This incredible location was commissioned by Lord Leverhulme in 1904, who made his money pretty much selling soap. Pergola Hill and Gardens was created by Leverhulme as a retreat and place to host summer garden partys… Easy for some aye?

Luckily, we can all now enjoy the fruits of his labour, and it’s especially good for styled photoshoots and engagement/pre-wedding shoots.

Choose One Of These Pretty Places In London Today

With all of these pretty places in London, there are plenty of options to choose from for your engagement photos.

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